We would like to thank you for your continual patronage and love of our products. To answer our customer’s wishes to be able to wear their favorite SPINGLE products for as long as possible, apart from a few models, our company undertakes repairs (maintenance) on all shoes.

Please look at the following repair contents regarding repair (maintenance), and if you require repair (maintenance) please follow the following steps below.
(1)Request for repair (maintenance) at SPINGLE product stocking stores all over Japan (some stores doe not accept repair requests)
(2)Request for repair (maintenance) by mail.

(2)If you requested repair by mail, please fill out all the necessary information in the following repair (maintenance) form.


Regarding repair (maintenance) content

  • Repair of the ‘heels only’ of both outsoles
  • Exchange of both heels and part of the core counter
  • Repair of both outsoles, ‘toe to heel’
  • Attachment of foxing tape
  • Renewing of both heels and part of the inner lining
  • Insole exchange
  • Fastener exchange
  • Other

Content possible for repair (maintenance)

Outsole design possible for repair

Only the sole pattern (No.8) as in the image is possible for repair.

Outsole colors possible for repair

White, graybeige, light brown, black, grape, red, beige
※Natural crepe soles require an extra fee.

Insoles/ lining colors possible for repair

Ivory, black, silver, orange
※Please note that depending on the product design and material (canvas etc.) repair may not be possible.

A rough indication of whether repair (maintenance) will be possible or not (in the case of the outsole)

Please note that even among the following images of the range of products possible for repair (maintenance) below, there are some which, after the actual shoe has been checked, may not be possible for repair.
When material other than the rubber material can be seen, repair is not possible. (Due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the bonding strength of materials used to repair the sole)

○ Repair possible

Repair possible

△ Actual shoe confirmation necessary

Actual shoe confirmation necessary

× Repair not possible

Repair not possible

An image of completed repair (maintenance)

We cannot reattach the outsole, new rubber will be attached to repair the worn out area.
Furthermore, repair (maintenance) of the bottom of the shoe will be be limited to starting 2cm from the end of the toe tip to the heel.

Heel only


Whole sole (toe tip to heel)




Repair (maintenance) flow

When requesting repair (maintenance) from a store stocking SPINGLE products
Request for repair (maintenance) by inquiry form

Inquiry form for repair (maintenance)

Name、E-mail etc, *Please ensure everything with an asterisk is completed and push the send button.

Please be as detailed as possible

※Image can only be uploaded to a size 3MB